For Patients

We look forward to looking after your eye healthcare needs at The Ballarat Eye Clinic. To make your visit as thorough and professional as possible, we request to take note of the following:

What do I need to bring to my visit ?

  • A current and valid referral (from optometrist or another medical practitioner)
  • Your medicare, DVA & health fund card(s)
  • Your current glasses (distance) and your old glasses if your current ones are less than 12 month old
  • A list of all information about your medical history, especially eye related conditions & surgeries
  • A list of all current medications, including eye drops, injections or tablets
  • A list of any allergies you may have to medications & injections
  • Completed new patient registration form (download here PtReg.pdf ) 
  • Sunglasses as you might find glare problematic after the use of dilating drops
  • A driver - you are likely to be dilated and this may affect your ability to drive for several hours
  • A form of payment (cash, credit card, EFTPOS, cheque) as payment is expected on the day


How long will my appointment take ?

Please allow 60 – 120 minutes for your appointment. Extra time may be required if further diagnostic tests or minor procedures are performed on the day. We are able to issue medical cerificates for both patients and carers.


Do I pay on the day and how much?

Yes, payment is expected on the day of the consultation. We accept cash, EFTPOS, VISA, Mastercard, Bankcard and personal cheques. You will be then issued a tax invoice for you to claim from Medicare.                                                                                                       

The cost of the consultation will vary depending on the nature of the visit and whether you have any concessions. Please ring the rooms for an exact figure. This consultation fee is Medicare rebateable.

Any extra diagnostic tests or minor procedures required by your ophthalmologist on the day may incur additional costs. Some of these fees are not claimable from Medicare. Please ask our staff or your doctor if you would like more information on these costs at the time they are being performed.

Standard consultation fees apply for failing to attend your appointment. Please note, all charges and discounts are at the doctors' discretion. We are a private specialist practice and do not routinely bulk bill. 


Surgery Quotes: We will provide a full estimation of costs and details for all surgery bookings, however it is your responsibility to check with your healthfund what they will cover. We can provide you with the item numbers to aid in this process. 

Do you have interpreters ?

No, we do not have any in-house interpreters, please bring along a relative or friend who may be able to assist with any communication difficulties.

Can I drive after my appointment ?

This depends on whether you need dilating drops during your visit. Most patients will require this to allow your doctor to have an unobstructed and clearer view of your retina. We do advise you to have a driver or arrange an alternative transport solution as it may be difficult for you to drive after the dilating drops. You may notice a lot of blur and glare as the drops may take several hours to wear off. We also advise you to bring sunglasses to assist with glare.

If you are here for a minor procedure or an injection, be aware you may have a pad on your eye afterwards, therefore you should not be driving.

Car Parking 

Metered parking is available on Drummond St. North or surrounding streets such as Errard St, Mair St. Please note, time limits apply. Parking may also be available at the Ballarat Base or St. John of God Hospital carparks.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesistate to call us and we will endevour to address your query or concern.

PRIVACY STATEMENT:We endeavour to provide you with optimal medical care. This requires us to collect your personal and health information. At times this information may be required to be shared across an extended medical team. Your information will also be used for administrative and billing purposes and may be shared with other agencies, such as Medicare and private health funds, as required. Your health information may be used for such secondary purposes as research, trials and audits. No information that personally identifies you will be disclosed for these purposes.